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We are a non-profit association of boardgamers located in Basel (Switzerland).

But, aren't board games just for children? No! There is an enormous world out there related with board games that are aimed to youngsters and adults. The mechanics for playing, the ways of thinking and methods to interact with other players are far beyond than those that people knows in general. Playing board games should not be relegated to the childhood. There are great benefits if we grow old keeping an active brain, and board games are excellent for this. They improve skills like memory, pattern-detection, planning ahead, self-confidence, learning from experience and social interaction among others. Even more, there are studies that claim an important relationship between leisure activities, like playing board games, and a lower risk of developing mental problems in old age. And you even have a fun time!

There is a board game for every person.

More than 3,000 board games are published every year.

Our Mission

Provide a place to meet and play.

We want to create an international community of boardgamers to share interests, information and meet new friends to enjoy this healthy hobby.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Board games as tool for integration,

social skills development,

and high-quality family time.

Our Meetings

We meet every second and fourth Friday of the month at 19.00.

Our meetings are exclusive for BGB members, although everybody is welcome to come once for free.

BGB has a very international spirit

We think that board games are a method of integration and a way to overcome international barriers. This thinking reflects in the many countries represented by our members.



The BGB association was founded in 2012 by Rubén Cabezón and Hirginia Vallejo.

They had in mind to create an English-speaking group where everyone would be welcomed to play board games, share experiences, and meet new friends. In its first meeting, the BGB had only 5 members. Since then it has grown to more than 60 members from 11 different countries.

Nowadays, the BGB participates actively in many boardgame-related events and is one of the main drivers of the board game culture in the Nordwestschweiz.

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